Lead Magnets and Tripwires

We’ve all done it. We take a free sample, despite that we have no intention of possibly buying the full product. Because who can resist a tiny cube of cheese on a stick?

Or you grab the leaflet with the best intentions of reading it later, but it gets forgotten about, left in your pocket, and turns into mush in the laundry.

So maybe it’s time to accept freebies aren’t the most effective form of marketing…

Start with the impulse purchase

People value what they pay for. That’s why tripwire funnels are becoming a popular alternative strategy.

(Yes, the name “tripwire” is terrible, but don’t let that put you off.)

The idea is to give people a soft entry into your business, but in a way that helps to build the relationship more than an ignored PDF.

It could be a more comprehensive ebook, a physical book, a short course or other purchase. Typically the tripwire offer is in the $5-20 range, so small enough to be an impulse buy.

There are two potential funnel strategies:

The immediate upsell, where the checkout sequence pitches higher value products

A nurture sequence, giving them time to find value from the first product before upselling.

Both aim to sell the full product, with the best approach depending on your content and sales style.

Learn the ins and outs of optimizing tripwires

Just like how you need to test a few different ads to find the best performer, it takes a bit of experimentation to identify the best tripwire offer.

It is an overlooked part of the challenge, but we’re here to fix that.

We have a free course showing you how to optimize tripwire campaigns. It’s more than just looking at your orders and making a rough guess.

Instead you will learn to look at the big picture, from upsell combinations to lifetime value.

The course will cover:

  • How to track people all the way through your funnel, from ad click to tripwire purchase to upsell
  • Measure which ads brought in the most tripwire sales PLUS the most total revenue
  • How to split test tripwire offers to see which generate the highest LTV
  • Test which upsell pairs best with each tripwire to find the optimum 1, 2 punch
  • Building a custom dashboard to show you the performance of each tripwire and their effect on your funnel

All this is covered in a set of five 10 minute video lessons. They are taught by Ian Garoian, one of our customer success experts.

Plus, a free 1-to-1 call to analyze your data

If you grab a free 14-day trial of SegMetrics, you will also be entitled to a free consultation with out optimization experts.

He can help you make sure you have implemented the tests correctly, or walk through your data with you.

Ian Garoian

Customer Success Specialist

Ian is part of the customer success team here at SegMetrics. On the day-to-day, he helps customers get their integrations configured. He also maintains the SegMetrics knowledge base and other learning materials, such as this course. Ian, created this course to give new and existing users a better grasp at configuring their SegMetrics accounts the right way!

Ian Garoian