What will I learn?

Learn how to hit the ground running with SegMetrics!

This course teaches the fundamentals of using SegMetrics and marketing analytics to understand your marketing, and will help you set up your account, get familiar with the platform, and start optimizing your marketing right away.

You will learn how to:

  • Connect your existing marketing tools to SegMetrics to get a full view of your marketing funnel
  • Understand how SegMetrics uses the customer journey to understand where to optimize your marketing
  • Track the behavior of newly-acquired leads and customers
  • Create targeted segments and cohorts of your contacts
  • Build your first KPI dashboard

You'll learn from a series of quick videos that explain marketing concepts clearly and walk you through processes step-by-step. Within each lesson, you'll find downloadable notes containing important takeaways and more resources for you to reference at your convenience.

Meet Your Instructors

Keith Perhac

Founder, SegMetrics

Keith is the founder of SegMetrics, and the second most-obsessed with data on the team. He talks fast, rants about marketing more than is generally healthy, and enjoys building marketing optimization funnels.

To be honest, we're a little worried about him.

Ian Garoian

Customer Success Specialist

Ian is part of the customer success team here at SegMetrics. On the day-to-day, he helps customers get their integrations configured. He also maintains the SegMetrics knowledge base and other learning materials, such as this course. Ian, and Keith created this course to give new and existing users a better grasp at configuring their SegMetrics accounts the right way!